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The Tenacious Networks Story

Tenacious Networks was founded in 2009 by Aaron Patton, an IT and Networking Professional who had become dissatisfied with his employment situation, prompting him to take a chance and start his own practice. From day one, Aaron set out to be the kind of company he would want to work for himself; and it must be working - Tenacious Networks’ first employee still works for the company today.

In 2018 Tenacious Networks began the process of merging with IntrinsIQ Technology, a company founded by Johan Arnet (a colleague of Aaron’s from 2005). It was unanimously decided that their newly merged company would retain the name Tenacious Networks as it was easier to spell, and spelling out intrinsiqtechnology .com over the phone 10 times a day was getting old.

Tenacious Networks has grown to handle IT projects for hundreds of companies from 5 – 2000 seats.

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