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Tenacious Networks

Harnessing Technology to Advance Engineering and Business

Tenacious Networks provides exceptional technology solutions that help companies design and build  products better, faster, and more cost effectively. We assist companies of all sizes with our Engineering Technology Services Practice and Information Technology Practice.

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Custom IT Solutions

1359019822_Network OnlineYour company shouldn’t have to conform to your IT solution.  Your IT solution should conform to your business.  You don’t have to know what technology you want to impliment you just need to tell us what you want to accomplish and we can make it happen.

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Transparent IT

1359019811_question-type-drag-dropEvery IT company has a website that tells you how great they are, but how would you know if you’re getting a good deal or not?

Tenacious Networks is open about how and when we bill.  We set caps or use fixed price projects so you don’t get surprised with a huge bill.  We’ll so you how to find the price range to expect for any product.  We’ll so you how to get better pricing even when it doesn’t involve buying from us.

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1359019827_package_networkOf course we’ll tell you how great we are.  Just ask us, we’d be happy to let you speak to one of our existing clients.

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